Fear means GO!

Have you ever found yourself self-sabotaging against taking the next best step in your business or life? You continuously procrastinate because you are waiting for things to be (somehow) perfect? Well…I am there right now.

Just over two weeks ago I wrote my first blog post for this new website. I intended to launch the website on the 1st of September. However, that hasn’t happened yet. I have only given the website link to my dear husband who, in his usual supportive husband fashion, said “Babes, it’s great! I love it.” Of course, that was reassuring but I wasn’t sure if anyone else other than him would think the same. I am scared to share the new site with more people because I fear it may not be perfect.

Funny thing is this: I design websites for a living. Yes! I actually share some of the websites I have designed here. So what’s the big deal, right?

I sat down with myself and asked: Tariro, is it really the website or the changes coming with the website that you are afraid of sharing? You see, I am not just moving from the website that many have known for years i.e. twenty47va.com. I am dropping some services I was offering. I am focusing on just a few specialised services. There are a lot of things I ask myself as I come to terms with this:

Will I find the right clients for these new services?

Are my old clients feeling like I just abandoned them?

What if I fail to impress my new clients?

…and so many more questions.

But as I type this, I am realising that it’s just fear that’s trying to take over. Fear is trying to prevent me from embracing change or allowing my clients to do the same. Fear is trying to remind me of the many ways things could go wrong so much that I fail to see the many ways in which they could also go right.

There are two mantras I always run to when I am gripped with this kind of fear:



I have even told this to clients who found themselves on the edge about hiring me or anyone else as a VA. They knew they needed help but they were just not sure if establishing a relationship with a VA would work for them. This is what I always say to them: Try it out for a week, two weeks or a month. You can always cancel if it’s not working for you. You don’t want to be bogged down and drowning in tasks and projects you could have otherwise delegated to someone else. Test out the solution presented to you because this could be IT.

Like me trying to launch this new website, hiring a VA is a new thing. You are bound to be afraid of many things that could go wrong. But there are many things that could go right and it could be one of the best decisions you ever made for your business and life.

That said, I am ready to tell the world what’s new in my world.

Let’s do this!

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