I cut my hair with scissors…

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to cut my hair. Why? Because between the baby and being a VA, I honestly don’t think I can squeeze in time for some natural hair TLC. I figured I needed to make the best use of my time and avoid feeling overwhelmed by my to-do list. If I could add a few more minutes or even an hour to my day by shaving this head off I was going to do it. So I asked my sister to cut my hair and she said, “Sure” and I waited…🙇‍♀️

A few days passed and thought to myself, “Is she busy or what?” but never asked her. I just thought, you know what? Maybe I don’t even need her help. I can actually do this on my own. So I looked for a pair of scissors and cut through my hair mercilessly. I repeat…mercilessly.

When my sister saw me she exclaimed, 😱 “Ko what did you do?!”😱

Me: “I cut my hair. You were taking time” 💁

My sister: “With what?” 😂

Me: “Duh! Scissors”

My sister: “I was going to use clippers” 🤷

Me: “Wait…what?

I cannot even begin to describe how silly I felt. 🤦‍♀️

Anyway, she had to try to salvage the mess I had left in my head with the clippers so that I could at least look decent.

As I looked into the mirror today at my now not-so-bad haircut I was just thinking about how even in business we sometimes make all kinds of messes when we try to figure stuff out on our own instead of asking for help and just allowing those who are skilled to take the wheel. Not that my sister was a professional (though she secretly believes she is, thanks Covid19🙄) in my case but she had a better view of my head and better tools to carry out the task. I just grew impatient, didn’t communicate my needs properly to help her show up for me exactly when I needed her to and ended up with a head that appeared like it had been shaved with a bread knife 😂😂 – leaving her to clean up the mess.

What problem are you trying to solve on your own in your business today? Are you equipped with the right skills and tools to give you the results you are looking for? Yes, sometimes we will try to solve sticky problems on our own to save costs – but the next time you find yourself wanting to do this, think about whether you are making the best use of your time and if the final result is worth the effort & time you put in.

Have you been trying to work on brainstorming a business idea on your own but don’t seem to be going anywhere? Talk to a business coach or mentor

Are you scratching your head trying to figure out how to design some nice graphics for your promo material? Set yourself free mama & hire a graphic designer

Do you have a lecture you would want transcribed into a typed transcript? Hire a Virtual Assistant

Are you overwhelmed with keeping up with responses to your content you are publishing on your social media? My friend, don’t leave your audience hanging. I live for tasks like that, hire ME! 😜

Anyway the point I am trying to drive home is this:

Let’s normalize asking for help in business and in life.

4 thoughts on “I cut my hair with scissors…

  1. Governor Masukwedza

    Hey madam Tarie, trusting I find u well! You reminded me of something I read regarding this matter :

    “Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes an assortment of outside specialists to shepherd a small business through the startup and even full blown phase. ”

    More often than not we require that extra push and invaluable advice from the experts for things to be smooth sailing than kuti haa ndoita ndega!! 🤕

    Keep excelling hey…

    1. Tariro The VA Post author

      Thanks for taking time to read Thembe! Yes, every small business owner am sure can relate. I actually have been challenging myself since to delegate more and ask for help when I am incapable of carrying out a task or overwhelmed.


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