I have changed

Hi there!

Since this is my very first blog post here I thought maybe it would be good to start by introducing myself. But then remembered there are many other parts on this site where I did that so it wasn’t necessary. You can check this out here. So I am just going to jump into the gist of this post.

I recently had a baby. He just turned 2 months and has got to be the most adorable human being I have ever set my eyes on. I could look at him all day and all night (maybe except when he is crying his eyes out from colic๐Ÿ™ˆ). My life revolves around him at the moment. He is literally my boss. Just check out how clings onto me like a koala. Little boy loves the cuddles ๐Ÿ˜

But before he came into my life, I was a completely different person, with completely different priorities, bosses and little humans I found most adorable. My life really revolved around my work and I absolutely loved how I could get stuff done at any time of the day, anywhere I wanted. Heck, I was known as the Twenty47 Virtual Assistant for over 6 years! When my clients called, I went in running. I handled all kinds of tasks and definitely loved a good challenge. I couldn’t even imagine what life would be like not doing what I was doing. And then the day came… I was busy being pregnant when I suddenly felt I could not be that Twenty47 Virtual Assistant more. Don’t make me delve into the “Why?” You all know how most pregnant people sleep and are generally get lazy? Well, I am most and let’s just that fast became my reality. Fast forward 9 months later, my bundle of joy is here and I’m reminiscing what a dear client told me during one of our conversations about the new boots I was about to wear – the boots of motherhood. She told me I was going to change – that I could have this baby and start wanting different things altogether. Not just in my personal life, but in my business two.

Crazy, I thought. She’s just crazy. Twenty47 Virtual Assistant is my baby, I will never let go of it. If she went through that that’s her story. As soon as I give birth to this baby I am giving myself a month then I hop back into the game. You know, start being the awesome VA my clients know me to be.

Oh boy am sure the universe laughed ๐Ÿ˜‚ Because, all I can tell you as I sit here typing this at 2AM praying my baby doesn’t wake up before I finish is that SHE WAS RIGHT! I look at my life now and I see no way I can pull off 10 hour working days and even put in some hours in the middle of the night to meet tight deadlines. I look at the website for Twenty47 Virtual Assistant and it seems strange to me. The name of my business is no longer relatable to my current situation. So many things have changed and I am going to have to need more flexibility in my work. That’s my truth.

So I have had to sit down with myself and take inventory of how I can best serve as a virtual assistant and new mother because that’s really who I am now. Don’t get me wrong. Why I serve as a VA hasn’t changed. It’s only just been extended. Flexibility has also been a very big part of my Why, so with the new baby, I don’t want to be in a position where I end up becoming overwhelmed in my roles as mother and as a VA. That’s why I have had to have these honest conversations with myself about how I can move forward from here, what I can and cannot do, how I can provide the best value. That’s why I have moved from being the Twenty47 Virtual Assistant to being…well…just me, Tariro The Virtual Assistant! Not that I wasn’t me this whole time – trust me, I always give my authentic self 100% to my clients. And, as much as the journey has taken another turn, in a different direction, these things remain: I am still a Virtual Assistant. I am still serving. I am still chasing excellence.

But I didn’t want to move forward before I shared all this with you. I didn’t want to leave you wondering: What about Twenty47 Virtual Assistant? I just needed you know that the vision of supporting small businesses through flexible, economical and professional solutions is still alive. The direction of the journey has changed, however, because my circumstances have changed and I can no longer remain the same. There are services I offered in the past that I can’t offer future clients anymore. There are new new services I am ready & excited to offer too.

I have changed and look forward to sharing more stories about my current work and getting the opportunity to serve those special clients who will find my new service offering valuable.

If you have been part of the very supportive community that has been following my journey with Twenty47 Virtual Assistant and cheering me on for the past 6 years, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate you. If this is your first time stumbling upon me and my posts, WELCOME! I will try my best to make every encounter worth your while.

Otherwise, remember to keep smiling…it looks amazing on you ๐Ÿ˜‰

P.S. I have finished this post and my little human is still sleeping soundly. Now, that’s something to smile about, right? ๐Ÿ™Œ

17 thoughts on “I have changed

  1. Martha

    So witty and professional!!
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby and evolution!!
    The only constant is change๐Ÿ˜Š
    Enjoyed reading this, is there a writer somewhere in there too?

  2. Ms T

    You write beautifully Tariro and welcome to motherhood๐Ÿ˜. Everyoneโ€™s journey is different, but Iโ€™m excited to see the changes (rebrand๐Ÿ˜) coming from an authentic experience – and thatโ€™s the most important thing!

  3. Fay

    Again, welcome to the joyous world of motherhood. It is indeed a wonderful journey. Will look forward to hearing about your experiences. All the best Mommy โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

  4. Thelma

    This is the beginning of greatness dear…the new role you now have (being a mom) is definitely going to transform you in a good way….your clients are definitely going to love this new you!

  5. Lucky

    Great blog, you are truly a woman of many talents, congratulations on the baby I am sure you will be the best to both your 6year old(VA) and the baby(2months).


  6. Patience Mudonhi

    Nothing more important in your line of work than honesty! Congratulations on your beautiful baby and I know you’ll be able to manage everything well. Take good care of yourself too!


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