Community Management

One of my biggest pet peeves has got to be poor or downright horrible customer service. Maybe it’s because I have always found myself try my best to go above and beyond for my clients, not just as a VA but in previous customer support roles. That’s why when I find companies failing to make the best of opportunities to deliver remarkable customer experiences online I just cringe. I’m passionate about fostering an engaged community around your digital identity by being attentive to its needs and concerns and ensuring these are addressed as efficiently as possible. It’s time to start having real and meaningful conversations with your audiences on your website, social media and email platforms.

Website Design & Maintenance

I absolutely enjoy designing and maintaining websites in WordPress. You are probably wondering what WordPress is, right? WordPress is the most popular content management system at the moment and, in my opinion, is the best and simplest way to go about creating a website or blog of your own. I want to help you setup your website so that it’s engages your visitors and is aligned with your business goals. Get in touch if you would want me to help you build your website.

Project Management

Managing virtual teams can be daunting. There is lots to organise, keep track and stay ahead of. But you can make this happen with my help. I have worked on different projects over the years from managing events, consulting teams – even the daily lives of business owners! I just want you to know that, when you work with me you have someone in your corner to help you connect the dots.

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